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73 Questions With CL | Vogue - CL interviewed by Vogue magazines, and she asked 73 questions. The question is starting from are the interviews will be using English and Korea. And CL Answered to mix it up. Here are the 73 questions with CL.

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Q. Interviewed in English or Korea?
A. Lets Mix it Up
Q. What are you in town for?
A. I just moved back here.
Q. What do you need to feel at home on the road?
A. Actually this (the candles from interviewer)
Q. I heard you grows up in the different countries what are there?
A. France, Japan, Korea

Q. So, CL talk to me about where that name come from.
A. That`s actually my initial`s name : Lee Chaerin.
Q. So She`s kind of like your alter-ego?
A. She`s everyone`s alter-ego.
Q. How long does it takes for you to get ready?
A. Depends on what i`m getting ready for
Q. What is your must-have beauty product?
A. Eyeliner.
Q. Favorit lip color?
A. Dark Red

And here you can watch the rest of her Q&A.

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