Allure : Winner on Winner: The K-Pop Group's Members Describe One Another's Style

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During the New York City stop of their Everywhere Tour, Allure's Devon Abelman posed a fun challenge to the members.

The 25-year-old rapper Mino is dressed in a greige tweed suit with chocolate trimmings — a look befitting of a 76-year-old haberdasher who's lived in the same Upper West Side apartment since 1953. And yet, he rejects this description of his personal aesthetic. The only aspects of his look that truly separate him from a grandpa are his shimmery champagne eye shadow and the silver barbell through the center of his lower lip. Unlike many K-pop stars who have been clipping on fake lip rings lately, Mino's labret piercing is real.

"My friends say I dress like a grandma all the time," I offer. However, the puffy sleeves and retro-printed pieces I typically wear have an aesthetic that categorizes more as "middle school art teacher who just retired in Boca Raton with her ferret" than Mino's "sophisticated grandpa who's cool enough to still have a lip ring."

"He really likes colorful clothes," Yoon continues. "So I think he looks a little bit like a grandpa." Still, Mino is confused. For him, classic and colorful just don't add up to "grandpa."

"He's..." Mino pauses to hum to himself before continuing, "pretty."Yoon interjects to say Jinu is like a prince. Mino agrees, tacking "casual" and "boyfriend" on as additional descriptors for Winner's oldest member, who is 27. From what I can tell, Mino's answer is on point. During the small amount of time I spent with the group, I could tell Jinu was the most minimalist member. All four wore a myriad of silver rings. However, at one point, I notice Jinu's suddenly in a pile on the table between us. Clean, crisp lines are often the focus of his outfits, too. And his favorite beauty moment on tour was the most low-key of the whole quartet: blue colored contacts.

Jinu on Hoony
Before this little game, Hoony mentioned their solo performance looks on tour reflect their personal style best. For his fun rendition of Taeyang's "Ringa Linga," Hoony slipped on a black leather jacket with flame-like tassels over a KISS shirt with the sleeves cut off and ripped black skinny jeans. His chocolate-mauve hair was also spiked up. In fact, the color and style changed up for the tour. "I colored my hair a lot back in Korea, so when coming to the U.S., I cut it really short," he explains. "It’s really easy to wash my hair now."

Hoony on Yoon
Hoony proceeds to call Yoon, who was sitting on the other side of the room in an armchair, "pocket boy." Yoon could probably see the confusion on my face because he clarifies, "I have so many pockets in my clothes or in my bag." At one point during the concert, I wasn't sure where exactly Yoon's hand was. Upon closer inspection, it was tucked away in one of the many pockets of his shirt. Suddenly, Hoony's description of him made complete sense.

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