About YG Family Circle Site

Hello, this is the admin of YG Family Circle. I created this site to appreciate KPOP Music of YG Artists. I try to give you good information about YG Family artist. I try to support them by this site. Please comment on our posting, that kind of thing makes me happy as an admin.

I tried to provide news, photo collection, radio shows as update as possible. I tried to cover all of artist everyday if i didn`t busy. Hope you guys enjoy my content, let`s support and gives love to YG Family.

If you guys have some information about YG Family, you can contact me on twitter @LuckyAndHappy__ or Instagram @LuckyAndHappy_.

I also provide some actress in my other site. If you are interersting in this artist you can visit jaypark-archives.blogspot.com. Thankyou guys. Love you so much.