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[Dara TV] Dara Brings YG Family News on NEWS21 – The new episode of Dara TV comes with new theme. In this episode, Dara becomes elegant TV broadcaster with cute boob hair and maroon suits. She brings NEWS21 for YG Family news and cutely c hanges her name becomes Ssan Hye Ra.

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 First news comes with hottest news for BIGBANG`s military service, also Seungri who appeared on `Radio Show`. Dara nicely said to happy life for the members who go to military service.

Second news is from WINNER 2nd comeback album, who will comeback with lit track making everyone looking forward for it. Dara said, she and Inner Circle are waiting for their comeback for ages and she said that WINNER have to come to Dara TV when comeback.

Dara makes everyone smiles when she comes with her ownself news which mentioned as 2NE1`s visual member strarting her career. She announce about her participating in Cheese in The Trap Movie receivering huge love from audience.

For the last news, she comes with iKON`s news who swept all chart music and received listener attention. Dara singing Love Scenerio funnily while showing June`s video of Love Scenario MV.

Dara finished her NEWS21 with message to the viewers to watch Cheese in The Trap movie.

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