WINNER 2nd Album `EVERYD4Y` Full Tracklist

WINNER 2nd Album `EVERYD4Y` Full Tracklist – Here they are comes with full track of the `EVERYD4Y` album guys. They come with 12th tracks including special released tracks `Raining` and `Have A Good Day`.

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Some articles gives us a hint of meaning behind the tracks:

“WE WERE” is mentioned to be a sophisticated Rock Ballad “Luxury” amplifies the feeling of wanting to noticed by their beloved. “MOVIE STAR” is a specially written song for their fans INNER CIRCLE.Meanwhile “SPECIAL NIGHT” is the first song Hoony has produced. (Source :, trans by : @winkonusa)

`EVERYD4Y` will be released in 4th April 2018, on 6PM (KST). Get ready guys to streaming their MV and MP3.

Title Song : EVERYDAY

The 2nd Album Release ‘D-7’
➡️ 2018. 04. 04 6PM(KST)#위너 #20180404_6PM

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