BLACKPINK is So Fresh for SPRITE CF with Woo Dohwan

BLACKPINK is So Fresh for SPRITE CF with Woo Dohwan – Are you counting how much Blackpink doing CF? Yes, that so countless. They have many CF start from their debut. And we know that Lisa have Nonagon since her debut.

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Sprite know that BLACKPINK will make the CF more and more fresh, by their fresh personality also their fresh and pretty face. The blue and green concept make their style really match with freshness of Sprite. Makes everybody thirsty and want to drink that Sprite everyday.

Blackpink also matched with the young blood Woo Dohwan, the talented actor and handsome one. They are looks so young and fresh in this CF. And the CF shooting was in Thailand, Lisa`s home town.

We know that Bobby has recently made Sprite CF, and now is BLACKPINK. YG Family is really handle and talented to take all the CF in Korea. And we hope all of them gain their good result for their CF. Hwaiting YG Family!

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