G-Dragon Rangked 21st for 2018 Forbes Korea Top 40 Power Celebrities


1. BTS
2. Wannaone
3. Twice
4. EXO
5. IU
6. Song Hye Kyo (Actress)
7. Song Joong Ki (Actor)
8. Park Bogum (Actor)
9. Kim Yuna (Athlete)
10. Ryu Hyun Jin (Athlete)
11. Red Velvet
12. Suzy
13. Son Heung Min (Athlete)
14. Chung Hyeon (Athlete)
15. AOA
16. Taeyeon
17. Jung Woo Sung (Actor)
18. Jun Hyon Moo (Entertainer)
19. Kim Hee Sun (Actress)
20. Lee Hyori

21. G-Dragon 👑
He is the leader of BIGBANG from YG Entertainment who recently started army service. Rapper, singer-songwriter, music producer and recognized as a talented musician overall, G-Dragon held his 2nd world tour last year. It was the biggest tour of a Korean solo artist. Concert tickets were sold out in 8 minutes, with 4.4 billion won in sales and 22,000* attendees for the Seoul concerts alone. G-Dragon is also known for his unique sense of fashion abroad.
(*Articles/Wikipedia say Seoul concert attendees were 40,000.)

22. Park Seo Joon (Actor)
23. Jung Yu Mi (Actress)
24. Gong Yoo (Actor)
25. Park Sung Hyun (Athlete)
26. Honey Lee (Actress)
27. Kang Hodong (Entertainer)
28. Choo Shin Soo (Athlete)
29. Sunmi
30. Yoona
31. Oh Seung Hwan (Athlete)
32. Shin Dong Yup (Entertainer)
33. Lee Seung Gi
34. Ha Jung Woo (Actor)
35. BoA
36. Ryu Jun Yeol (Actor)
37. Kang Sora (Actress)
38. Baek Jong Won (Entertainer)
39. Bolbbalgan4
40. Hong Jin Young

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