iKON Shows Their Reaction to iKON TV’ EP.1

iKON Shows Their Reaction to iKON TV’ EP.1

Here is the extra group of YG entertainment, iKON. iKON is really make everybody contagious of their extraness. On iKON TV they were show their activity and their real characteristic. All of them have their own unique personalities. That`s why iKONICs are always waiting for their real reaction of every single show they made.

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And surprisingly iKON make their reaction to their first episode of iKON TV. They are showing their hilarious reaction while watching every members on the show. The members are show their enviness of B.I showing his excercise in the room, and laughing together when the school student call him as Kang Daniel. The reaction also showed when Jinan accidentaly kiss donghyuk when playing games, and they are laughing out loud while Jinan and Dongie are extra shy.

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