WINNER 위너 at Lee Gukju`s Young Street Radio 180409 With Eng live trans


WINNER 위너 at Lee Gukju`s Young Street Radio 180409

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 Live Translation

DJ: Hoon looks like a little pure kid right now
H: I am a little pure kid

DJ: W came too early today and we talked about EVERYDAY choreo
Y: We worked rly hard to make this album and its an album we made for our fans, we hope u like it lots
DJ: the Inki stage was so pretty

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

Y: EVERYDAY choreo doesnt look very hard but its the hardest choreo we’ve ever had
H: We have a part in the choreo we named “shake water out of ears”. Can Yoon show what it is
Y: [does it]

DJ: Hoon and I both lived in Myungmokdong so I’m going to take care of him more (joke)

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

Comment: Hoon looks like a first love oppa
DJ: Sorry I called him a little kid

Comment: Jinu looks so handsome
J: Thank u!
Y: J changed, he wouldve been shy abt comments like this before
H: He used to write everything he wants to say but now he doesnt even look at the script

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

Y: We were so happy abt going to Australia but we were sad that the CF wasnt real
H: We thought we were superstars since only rly famous ppl shoot CFs but I guess we’re not there yet

Comment: Mino’s smile makes my heart stops
DJ: Youre smiling so hard
M: I love this comment

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

DJ: What kind of praises make u smile esp hard?
M: When they say I look sexy
H: When ppl want to take pics with me
J: When ppl tell me I did a good job (positive things motivate me)
H: Yoon always praises J
Y: Yes I do

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

Comment: Are u wearing emperor robes Yoon? Can u impersonate Lee Jungjae “Do I look like I’ll be king?” (Face Reader 2013)
The Q was for Yoon but in the end Jinwoo did it the best


— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

DJ: They got so excited while singing they stood up and started dancing, I filmed it so I’ll post it on SNS later

DJ: I loved it when Yoon said “Lee Gukjoo Youngstreet” at the start

Q: Can u do a ASMR ver of EVERYDAY
Y: I want want want you more
M joking that Y didnt do it well

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

J: I don’t need sleep, I need u
M: He ran out of breath

M: Don’t put makeup on, I’m full
DJ: That was just whispering!

H: When we meet Im so happy to see u, we kiss (kiss noisesx5)
DJ: That was the best one! (biased bc hes from Myunmokdong)
M: That wasnt so great tho (joke)

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

Q. What other change is in this album?
Y: This genre is a new challenge. J got more handsome
J: M lost weight!
M: I stopped drinking alcohol so I naturally lost 10kg
DJ: Pls tell me more of ur diet tips later

(playing AIR)

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

Q. u pay money e/o whenever ur late right? who’s #1 rn?
(1hr is 10000won)
M: I’m always late
Y: Its been a long time since we started this
H: We’re the least late in YG
M: Ive been constant, Yoon and Ive always been late but the moment we started this Yoon stopped being late!

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

H: Yoon improved himself as a model leader
M: But its not like Im always 1 hr late every time, its only 1~2 min

Gukjoo keeps being joking biased towards Hoon so Yoon joked that he’ll move to Myunmokdong so she’ll be nice to him too

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

Q. do u think youre in the top 5 of visual idols?
J: yes

Q. do u think youre smarter than J?
M: Yes

Q. who motivated u the most
J: myself

Q. who is the most honest?
H: myself

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

Q. who else is in the top5 of visual idols?
J: I think Cha Eunwoo is really good-looking
DJ: A handsome man praising another handsome man

Hoon never thought of himself as a genius
H: If I was a genius I wouldnt have been able to work in a group, I wouldve chosen a diff career

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

H: I like Golden Child
Y: We met them for the first time ytd at Inki
Hoon got so embarrassed abt being too quick with his response

Y: I think I look sexy after showering and when I’m working in the studio I feel like I look sexy

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

M: I think its obvious that Im smarter than Jinu
H: I think so too
Y: I dont think so
J: I think so
Y: Oh then I think so too then

M: I want Yoon to do the punishment game bc he always acts smart even tho hes not actually
DJ: Yoon are u upset?
Y: No Im not

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

DJ: I found out Hoon lived in Myunmokdong for only 3 months so I kind of feel betrayed
H: The amount of time doesnt matter!

Q. Mino n Yoon wear similar things like twins. who copied who?
H: it didnt happen today but u guys do dress similarly
Y: I got into cameras bc of M

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

Q. They say the person who loves more of the other person copies them, Hoon, who copies who?
H: Mino has bit more originality while Yoon tries out many things
J: I think Yoon copies Mino
Y: I guess I love Mino more than Mino loves me, I’ll accept it

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

(about cooking)

H: I like looking for tasty restaurants
M: He never takes us with him
J: But he always does find good places
Y: He never remembers if he took us to a restaurant or not
H: did i go with the manager?

H: Im rly into Pyeongyang noodles these days
J: Its not my style

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

Q. if u were to live as another member, who do u want to live as?
H: we’re going to skip this question bc some of us are upset with e/o rn (joking)
Y: yes there are upset members (joking)

Y: there was someone who came to our studio and when we asked her, she said she was a ghost

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

Y: i thought only i could see her bc i even made eye-contact with her
M: it was so scary!
DJ: esp when the ghost says herself that shes a ghost

(commercial break)

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

DJ: an article got released abt Mino losing weight not through exercising but by not drinking alcohol, are u ok with this?
M: yes, dont drink so much everyone

DJ: we had WINNER as guests today, thank u for coming and pls come again
W: goodbye~!

(playing LALA)

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 9, 2018

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