WINNER on SBS One Midnight Entertainment News 180417 (Eng Trans)

WINNER midnight news

WINNER on SBS One Midnight Entertainment News 180417

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Eng Live Trans By @Chrissy96_


The day of spring rain, a crowd gathered at Sinchon for #WINNER, men we want to see every day


They became a trending group last yr w/ RR. They made their place in drama+variety too. W is back w/ EVERYDAY

I love that song!

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 17, 2018

They were having a fansign. Despite the bad weather, the mood was warm. For fans who waited in the rain, they gave boyfriend-like fanservice

Fan: Ur so cute!

We couldn’t tell if they were on a date or having a fansign

They’re rly close w/ their fans!

H: Thank u! Love u! Bye!

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 17, 2018

SBS prepared Korean beef for W

SH grilled the beef

Y: It tastes like happiness, hyung

M freestyle rap
Eating this beef makes me think of our song
Everyday, everyday, every every everyday

Y parodying CF
Even if u eat it every day, u wont get tired of it~ Everyday Korean beef

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 17, 2018

WINNER has captured the public’s ears with simple melodies and honest lyrics and are now the winners of the music industry.

They received top-notch praise from Yang Hyunsuk as they filled their second full album with self-produced songs

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 17, 2018


The most special praise we would receive from YHS used to be, “I think it’s ok” but this time he said, “I think EVERYDAY will really succeed. I think it’s good” He gave us more detailed compliments than usual so it was the best praise we got from him by far.

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 17, 2018

MC: You were in SuperstarK2. You became so popular with Instinctively
Y: The popular of Instinctively was so much greater than the current popularity of EVERYDAY. I should have some shame😅

His husky voice captured the hearts of the public.

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 17, 2018

His Gyeongsangdo dialect acting received lots of praise + earned him the title of acting-idol

MC: Can u show a little bit?
Y: I looked like a real jerk when I said this line
M: I swore at u when I watched that scene

Y: It wasnt me! Its not mine! Its Kim Mincheols!
M: This punk!

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 17, 2018

Seunghoon also gained attention in Kpop Star before debuting as WINNER. He made the judges fall for him with his improvised dancing and impressive rapping

PSY: I want to see u later on
H: 😝

Although he got eliminated at Top4, thru Kpop Star he was able to debut under YG

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 17, 2018

MC: u were the trainee who trained for the longest before debut
J: I was 20 when I became a trainee, which is older than most ppl so it was rly difficult. But I didnt kno what to do if I gave up this path. I couldnt give up. It felt like everything would end if I chose to end it

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 17, 2018

The 4 of them ran towards their dream of becoming singers and now this year is their 5th year as an idol group. They have confirmed their title as the winners of the music industry as they sell out every concert they announce

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 17, 2018

MC: Do u remember your first pay after debut?
M: I paid back my debts
J,Y,H: Me too
H: We were all debtors?!
M: None of us are from rich families
Y: Our families used to be of lower class than the average
H: Let’s not talk abt sad things… I’m still repaying- I’m working hard!

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 17, 2018

Q. What other charms do u want to show to the public?
Y: It all comes down to music. Our making music that contains all we want to say is our charm
H: I really love the phrase “Trust and Listen WINNER” (you can always trust W’s music to be good)

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 17, 2018

W always catches the public’s ears w/ new genres every comeback. EVERYDAY has also proved “Trust and Listen WINNER” to be true

So we prepared a special gift for them
H: One Night is the best!
MC: WINNER fighting!
Y: This has been
ALL: WINNER, thank you!
H: One Night is the best!

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 17, 2018

Q. What is #WINNER‘s trademark?
M: #JINWOO-hyung’s beauty?
J: ✨🌸😏🌸✨

MC: The representative flower visual of YG. It turns out that his specialty is his face

— christina (@chrissy96_) April 17, 2018

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