WINNER Will Take Over All TV Screen with Various Reality Shows

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WINNER Will Take All Korean TV Screen with Various Reality Shows – Winner has recently made their debut for `EVERYD4Y` album. And now they are really busy with their promotion. The promotions they made are in various Radio Show, TV shows, also Music Shows. And their hardwork is paid with the great result.

By promoting their Album, WINNER will come to various variety shows. Such as :

  1. Knowing Bros with Yoo Byung Jae, the recording is started in May. 
  2. Wednesday Food Talk will be airing in TvN on 3rd May, 09.40 PM KST. 
  3. Mino`s solo schedule who will comes to `Dangerous Outside The Blanket`, the show will be aired on 3rd May. 
  4. Also Mino`s solo schedule who will be guest on Unexpected Q. MBC Unexpected Q  in which was initially going to premiere on April 27th, is confirmed to officially broadcast its first episode on May 5th, 6:25pm kst.
  5. WINNER will come to Sugarman, will be aired on 6th May, on JTBC.
  6. WINNER also will be the guest on JTBC4’s “MIMI SHOP” . The show will be airing in May 2nd, 8:30PM KST.
  7.  Hoony also on The Law of The Jungle.
  8. And the last, WINNER also will be a panelis judge in King Of Masked Singer reality show. 

Whoah, our WINNER are really greaty guys. They will be on these variety show. What variety show that you waiting for WINNER as guest? Let me know, by comment down bellow :). Have a good day, let`s hear WINNER `EVERYDAY `

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