WINNER’S “EVERYDAY” achieves 1st Certified All-Kill.

WINNER Everyday

WINNER’S “EVERYDAY” achieves 1st Certified All-Kill – This second day for winner released EVERYD4Y album, as we expected their songs are very easy listening and makes everyone didn`t put their eaphone off to hear WINNER songs.

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In the second day they have reached first all kill in the music chart. Congrats WINNER, INNER Circle let`s keep streaming their MV and album.


13:30 KST
iChart™ 올킬(All Kill)을 축하합니다! (6대 음원 사이트 12개 음악 차트 1위)

— iChart™ (아이차트) (@instiz_ichart) April 6, 2018

winner first all kill

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