iKON June for Dazed Korea Magazine September Issue

iKON June for Dazed Korea Magazine


The song `Love Scenario` did so great, such a happiness. The song become very popular, yet iKON not, speaking coldly. What is more important for this time being is iKON`s advancement as a team.

Personally, I like the song `Freedom`. It`s a song that goes well with Junhoe`s voice.
I like that song the best too. The music arrangement, the lyrics, the mood, everything. It`s just completely matching with youth.

What`s youth?
Hypnosis. I hypnotize myself with the word youth. Youth is such a beautiful word. But people who are really young people, including me, don`t live like youth these days. That`s the reality. It`s the closest but far away. Maybe That`s why I like that better. And we go throug hypnosis like this. `We are still young, so what? Even if we failed, let`s just try again`.

Do you live doing whatever you want to do now?
No, is there someone who lives like that? Goal and dream are really differeng things. Perpaps we may not be able to meet for good. I heard somewhere before that dreams should be a verb, not a noun. It should not be `my dream is to become a prosecutor` but `My dream is to become a prosecutor to do this and this.` I have two things I want to do for now. One is to write book, as I said all day long, and the other is acting. As of today, there`s no sentence to say I live doing whatever I want becuse I haven`t even been able to do both.

What you just said is your goal. Then what about your dream?
Ultimately, meet someone I love and live happily ever after.

Somehow it could be just a simple dream.
Perhaps it could be the most precious and difficult dream to achive.

Credit : present_iKON
Trans By : @syh_bae

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