K-POP with The Most Subscribers on V LIVE

K-POP with The Most Subscribers on V LIVE

Here is the K-Kpop idols with the most followers on V Live.

V Live is on the 3rd year, announced publicly in 2015. Naver V Live become the first social media which give an advantage to the idol and fans who want to interact from arround the world. V Live has the chat fiture, where fans could chat their idol immediately while doing live.

Here the most followers idol KPOP on V Live from YG Family only:

4 . Bigbang : 4.3 M followers

5. Blackpink : 3.8 M Followers


7. iKON : 2.792 M Followers


9. Winner : 2.19 M Followers

Congratulation YG Family, are you one of their followers?


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