YG Announce his Artists Big Plans (Sechkies, WINNER, iKON’s Comeback and concert)

Yang Hyun Suk announces YG artist plans

1 Sechskies discuss new music soon, Eun Jiwon solo album underway

2 WINNER Mino solo debut Nov 26

3 WINNER 3rd full album release after Mino debut, Korean encore concert

4 iKON comeback Dec 31 – New Kids repackage. 1 new song, no promos

— mes #TeamPinky (@OH_mes) October 30, 2018

Yang Hyun Suk Announces Upcoming Plans For #SECHSKIES, #WINNER, And #iKONhttps://t.co/pZyF4m8eKG pic.twitter.com/jP8VWQLMg7

— Soompi (@soompi) October 30, 2018

Yang Hyun Suk announces big plans for WINNER’s 3rd full album + iKON’s ‘New Kids’ repackaged album comebackshttps://t.co/Wu589RFThF pic.twitter.com/mY8vXi9PSM

— allkpop (@allkpop) October 30, 2018

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