Full Trans of YG' Planning for his artists ( iKON, WINNER, Black Label, YGX, Sechkies member solo, CL, Lee Hi, Suhyun, etc)

Today seems to be the last FROM YG article of the first half.
I will tell you the news of the icon. 
Last year in 2018, it seemed to be a special year for iKON. 
In January, "Love Scenario" was a hit with co-existence 
, winning awards at various annual awards, and now reaching 260 million views on YouTube. 
The "Killing Me" music video, released in August, has already achieved a billion views. 
Both songs are music videos of the first 1 billion view achievement of the icon which is the fifth year of debut.
All of these results are a result of the efforts of BI and 7 members who have participated in composing songs, 
and the 2019 icon will be upgraded.
Q What 
news about the release of the new song? 

Recently I 
received a suggestion on how to play BOBBY's hip-hop Duo album with BI before releasing a new album icon this year .
Since last year, 
I have been running without a break since the release of many new songs, so I thought that the timing of taking a tempo is not too bad. 
By the middle of this year, with BI and BOBBY's solo album in mind, 
I agreed without any major differences, and I am working on my music now.
If you include duo tunes and two solo tunes together, we 
expect full-length albums to be available. Given the post-production of recordings and music videos, their release date is 
likely to be around May.
Previous winner Song Min Ho and Icon BOBBY have released unit albums under the name of 'MOBB', but 
they have never released unit albums of the same team BI and BOBBY. 
Both are rappers, so regardless of iKON activity, the thirst for hip-hop music and rap may be a 
natural desire.
I am preparing a new song for the icon at the same time 
, so I plan to release a new song after the release of BI and BOBBY's hip-hop duo album .
Q What is 
Winner's plan to release a new song? 

Winner released a single song "Millions" on December 19, last year, and 
has been on his first North American tour for about two weeks since mid-January. 
I had dinner with Winner to celebrate the birthday of Kang Seung-yoon during a business trip to LA, but 
there was a request from members asking me to postpone the announcement of the full-length album that was announced in February. 
I did not have enough time to finish the album recording work due to busy year-end activities and tours, and 
I wanted to work on one or two additional songs.
So I canceled the schedule for the music video shoot, which was scheduled for February 
As soon as it is finished, we will announce the date of the regular album release.

Is there any solo plan for Winner members? 

On November 26th, Song Minho's first solo album was released and his 
title song "ANAKE" led to a bigger response than expected.
The water instructed Song Min Ho to prepare his next solo album, and 
I think he will be able to meet Song Min Ho's new solo album this year.
Q What are the 
other members' solo plans? 

Kang Seung-yun's solo album is in preparation. 
Actually, I had been preparing for a year ago, but I worked on the leader Kun Seung Yun Yi-Won songs 
first, and the speed of my solo songs was slower than expected.
In 2010, I have been publishing solo songs such as "Instinctively" released in Superstar K and "Rain is coming" in 2013, 
but the solo album release is the first time in nine years.
In the dining room in LA, Kang Seung-yun told me a funny story when he first came to YG. 
As a result of 2010 superstar K broadcast and 'instinctive' hit, many promoters 
offered high down payment, and 
when I met YG, asked them to come back as an apprentice, I remember laughing with the members.
Kang Seung-yun's intention is to show 
happiness to me because I came to YG because I came to YG . I want 
to express my frank feeling about Kang Seung-yoon who has watched over the last 10 years.
In 10 years, there will be a change in Gangsan, but if 
you choose the first member who has not lost your modesty and has not changed , it will be like Kang Seung-yoon.
He is a good singer and a friend who I thought was a good person before. 
It is also a charm that I feel common to four Winner members. 
Kim Jin-woo and Lee Seung-hoon's solo songs will be included in this album.
Last year's memorable Winner's activities were 'EVERYDAY' in 
April, 'XX' in Song Min Ho's first solo album, and 'Millions' in December. 
This year 
we will try to present twice more pleasure to Winner members and fans through more new songs and activities .
There is a lot of news from singers who have not been 
told yet, but today is the last time YG has a new song that will be released most recently.
The YG brothers label the Black Label and YGX's first joint venture announcement
On March 6th, Teddy will 
announce the collaboration album "Alti", producer of The Black Label, and YGX's first female solo singer, "Anda."
The song title is "What are you waiting for" in Alti X Anda. 
It is a colabo song in the form that we hear on track that Alti composes and we sing.
Alti is 
a competent composer and DJ from The Black Label who co-wrote many hits such as Big Bang's "I do not know" and Black Pink's "Fire" and "
Anda is a soloist who has made his debut and activities at other promotional companies, and he is a 
singer who watched the music video called 'Touch' .
March 6 announced to sleep tell the hidden amusing episode with the song called "What I'm waiting ' 
haetseupnidaman When I first heard this song feel of the songs wonak like trying to use a song in black pink 
in my're Altium shortly before the military service 
It was a song that was so strong that I wanted to release it by name 
The Black Label and YGX are the first Cola Boggok, but this promotion is going to be done especially at YG.
As I mentioned through FROM YG, YG's 
first runner planned for 2019 is Black Pink to be announced in March.
I will 
try to support YG as much as possible by the singers announced at YG and the two companies that can not be planned for new songs and can be called YG sibling companies. 
Why did I, the producer, listen to this song and were greedy? 
Why did you join the music video of 'Anda'?
We look forward to your great expectations and interest in the song "What are you waiting for?"
I would like to remind you of the news of the solo album by Sechkies and Eun Won, who have not been able to communicate with us today, and the news 
of CL and Lee Hi,  the AKMU Suhyun 
I would like to thank you for reading the long story and I wish you all happy and healthy. 
Thank you.

FROM YEAR 2019. 02.11

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