Lee Hi Press Conference for 24′ Ep #LeeHi

Trans by ohhiheels, syh_bae, FlyHayi

Lee Hi answers abt YG’s situation: “Apart from the bad atmosphere of the company, I have a lot of fans who are waiting for me so I try to just think abt it. My fans have been watching me since I were a kid so if i get a reponse that “You grew up well”, I think I’m sucessful.😃 

Lee Hi: Chanhyuk told me “I want to congratulate you on your comeback but since I’m still trying to adapt to ordinary life, I got so sleepy so I couldn’t meet you” 

‘No One’ ft B.I of iKON along with rap-making.Expectations are high on how Lee Hi’s soulful voice and B.I’s rap,which has clear identity,meet n create synergy

Lee Hi:I think his part becomes key/point (of d song) n I like it.I am very grateful n excited bcs of B.I’ participation 

About B.I participation

Lee Hi:We got d opportunity to work together as we’re from same company. There’s songs in my album that written by B.I and naturally he involved in featuring.When we get together working for guide,overall mood was good n that’s how he naturally participate 

Lee Hi’s words to fans: Thank you for waiting for me. I will repay it with a good song, I ask for your support. Thank you, I’m sorry, I love you, let’s meet more often”

About her self written song 20MIN: “It’s a song that only has guitar riff. The point of this song is that i am getting tired of the other person even before 20 minutes have passed.” 

About dating prohibition in YG: “There is such sanction, but I heard it a long time ago. I’ve never checked if it’s still valid until now. If it is, well, I can be just be careful in the future” (laughing)

When a reporter said that Lee Hi looked like she had found her peace of mind, she said “People around me also said so. I think it’s because I have been trying to put my heart in peace.”

About what she did during her hiatus:  “I spent the days like normal days. Recording music, making beads bracelets, doing my hobbies. I have so much time alone at my home, so I organized it. My decoration skills are increasing.”

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